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Selecting a companion for the next 10-15 years is a very important decision. Whether adopting a homeless pup from a shelter or purchasing one from a responsible breeder, it is imperative to find the right match for you and your lifestyle. Are you looking for a dog that is good with kids, cat friendly, thinking of adding a second dog, or just looking for a mountain biking companion? Let Dog-Ed lend a hand. We will simplify the process and provide professional guidance to lead you to the right match.


Please consider adopting from our local shelters and rescues. There are many amazing and wonderful dogs that are looking for a forever home. Dog-Ed will donate 10% of our fee to the shelter from which you adopt.


Dog-Ed believes in helping homeless pups, check out our current dogs in the New Leash on Life Program.

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"Please don't leave!"


Learn how to help your dog with separation issues in this FREE help session. Does your dog destroy items and eliminate when you leave the house? Howl for hours the moment you step out the door to go to work? Become anxious at just the sight of you picking up your purse? Join us for this free help session and learn how you can help your dog relax when you leave the house on Tuesday, August 22nd at 7:00 pm at Animal Hospital of North Asheville.

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Oops! Housetraining 101

Join Dog-Ed for a FREE housetraining help session at Animal Hospital of North Asheville on Tuesday, Sept. 26th from 7-8pm.


Topics include:

How to teach your dog when & where to eliminate

Housetraining schedules

Management options including crate training

Proper accident clean-up



People only please. No registration required.

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What is TTouch?


Join Dog-Ed on Saturday, Oct. 21st at Animal Hospital of North Asheville to learn about Tellington TTouch. TTouch is a unique approach to training based on compassion and respect for our animal friends. Using a specific form of bodywork and specialized movement exercises, the TTouch Method promotes cooperation, well-being and improved behavior by reducing stress and physical tension.

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Get Fluent in Dog-ese!


Learn a new language.....DOG! Join Dog-Ed on Tuesday, Oct. 24th at 7pm at Animal Hospital of North Asheville and learn how to "read" your dog's posture and signals, so you can better understand your dog's emotions and motivations. Reading a dog's body language is not only helpful in predicting his or her reactions in situations, but also key to modifying their behavior. Becoming fluent in Dog-ese will allow you to enjoy interactions with dogs and stay safe at the same time. (pic of dog yawning)

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Woof! Help! I can't stop barking!


Do you need some peace and quiet? Have neighbors complained and you now have Animal Services at your door? Feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked? Then join Dog-Ed on Tuesday, November 28th from 7-8pm at Animal Hospital of North Asheville for this free help session. You will learn: -The different reasons that dogs may bark excessively -How to assess what is motivating your dog's vocalization -What training techniques will work best for your dog's type of barking Registration is not required, people only please.