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Dog-Ed knows puppyhood is the most important time in a dog’s life to learn about the world. That’s why our puppy services are focused on socialization, fear and aggression prevention, and basic manners…..all the things necessary to grow up into a well-adjusted and happy adult dog.

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PUPPY COACHING: We can help you navigate through puppyhood
Dog-Ed knows that puppyhood has its challenges. Let us help you! Investing time now into training your puppy under the instruction of a Dog-Ed professional trainer will put you on the path to a well-mannered and confident adult dog. We will guide you through everything puppy; housetraining, crating, biting, socialization, basic manners, and anything else you find important in your daily life. Puppy coaching provides instruction and support to people who like to take the "paws on" approach with their dog.

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PUPPY DAY TRAINING: We do the training for you, right in your home
Leave your puppy’s training to Dog-Ed. We’ll start your puppy on her journey to becoming a polite, well-trained dog you can be proud of. And we can even do it while you’re at work. We know you’re busy and fretting over the long hours away from your puppy. We can help. You take care of business and we’ll take care of getting you through puppyhood.


The Dog-Ed Puppy Training Package includes:

Recess — a potty and play break in the middle of the day and working on house training with a professional trainer. That means fewer accidents to clean up and quicker house training results.

Training P’s & Q’s, which means a puppy who sits, goes to her bed, comes when called, and greets politely.

Human Rules 101, in which your puppy learns to keep her needle sharp teeth to herself, chew on her own toys instead of your furniture, and how to share her things.

Finishing School to help your puppy grow into an adult dog who loves people and other animals. A well socialized puppy now means a well-adjusted adult dog later.

In short, let Dog-Ed do the work for you. We know you’re busy. And we know puppies. Our Puppy Day Training Package makes getting through puppyhood a little easier.


Children training puppy to sit

PUPPY PREP CLASS: Training and socialization in a group setting
Interested in taking your puppy to a group class? 6-week puppy training classes are offered through Pet Behavior Aid, a local non-profit organization (www.petbehavioraid.org). Your puppy will learn those all-important basic manners and social skills that will put him or her on the path to becoming an obedient and enjoyable adult dog. Please contact Pet Behavior Aid for more information on puppy group classes.