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Tellington TTouch is a mindful approach to training, based on compassion and respect for animals developed by Linda Tellington Jones. Using a specific form of bodywork, observations, slow movement exercises, and effective tools, the TTouch Method promotes well-being and improved behavior by reducing stress and physical tension. Dog-Ed offers both private TTouch sessions and group classes.

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Animals with behavioral challenges
TTouch can positively improve behavior in dogs. Whether the behavior challenge you are dealing with is leash reactivity, excessive barking, over arousal, distractibility, leash pulling, or something else, adding TTouch to your training plan can make all the difference. The TTouch method can help build focus, cooperation, confidence, relaxation, and self-control in your dog.

Anxious and fearful animals
TTouch has been shown to calm animals, release tension, and restore confidence. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, sound sensitivities, handling concerns, and other fear related issues greatly benefit from TTouch.

Geriatric animals
TTouch is a non-invasive way to alleviate daily aches and pains and provide comfort to our aging animals. It also provides support to animals recovering from injuries, surgeries, or other health issues.

Young animals
TTouch is a wonderful way to build cooperation and confidence in your puppy. Exposure to new experiences in a thoughtful manner will put you on a path to a well-adjusted adult dog.

Us humans!
TTouch can improve your observation skills and ability to manage stress in your dog. It also can enhance your leash handling skills and boost your confidence when working with your dog.

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Puppies playing at social

TTOUCH: Build confidence and cooperation in your dog
The TTouch 7-week training class is open to dogs of all ages and personalities. First class no dogs. This class will teach unique methods to build strength and resilience in a senior dog, settle and focus in an adolescent dog, build confidence and cooperation in a puppy, and increase acceptance of handling and husbandry activities. Each week you will learn different bodywork techniques as well as explore new obstacles in the "Confidence Course". Applying these innovative techniques to your daily life will improve your dog's physical and mental well-being while deepening your bond with your special companion. This class allows for plenty of individual work, as well as helpful hands on group activities.



Current vaccinations of DHPP, Bordatella (required at AHNA location), and Rabies

2 points of contact harness and leash (such as the Freedom Harness and leash, Balance harness)